Friday, August 2, 2013

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  Here’s Kristin Cavallari carrying her baby Camden and a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (or the Chanel GST, for Chanel fans in the know) while heading to lunch in LA. This classic Chanel bag has been around forever – I just assume everyone who was ever on The Hills has one in their collection, as they were a fairly Chanel-obsessed bunch. They probably would’ve never guessed back in 2006 that they’d one day be stuffing their Chanel bags with  designer handbags discount ,cheap diapers and little Tupperware containers of Cheerios.
On a related note, I wonder if celeb moms will ever lose the leather jackets and embrace the baby sling. Sure, it obscures a good half of your outfit, but then your baby isn’t made anxious by paparazzi advances and other stimuli that come along with being attached to a someone of a certain amount of noteriety. (That’s pretty much everything, right?) I have yet to see a single celeb mama go whole hog and just wear their baby. It’s possible that Chanel or Louis Vuitton will have to make a line of luxury baby slings before that ever happens.


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